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Security equipment overcurrent protection scheme
  JDT Fuse overcurrent protection devices used for security solutions
  A、Security concept:
  Security refers to the "security system" for short. Security system SPS (security & protection system) in order to protect public safety purposes, the use of security products and other related products constitute intrusion alarm system, video security surveillance systems, access control systems, explosion-proof safety inspection system, etc.; or consisting of these systems for the subsystem combined or integrated electronic systems or networks.
  Security systems in the domestic standard is defined as SPS, while foreign is more called loss prevention and crime prevention (Loss prevention & Crime prevention). Loss Prevention is the task of the security industry, crime prevention is the police law enforcement duties.
  B、The basic structure of security systems:
  Security system include: closed-circuit surveillance systems, burglar alarm system, building intercom systems, for Parking Management System, Community Card system, infrared perimeter alarm system, electronic fences, patrol system attendance access control systems, security room systems, electronic examination system , smart locks and so on.
  Simple sum up, each subsystem's basic configuration includes: front, transmission, information processing / control / display / communication three elements. Different subsystems, the specific content of its three units vary.
  Such as video security monitoring system VSCS (video surveillance & control system) using video technology to detect, monitor fortified area and real-time display and record live images of electronic systems or networks. The front-end equipment of various types of cameras (or video alarm) Monitor and its ancillary equipment, transmission mode can be used coaxial cable or optical fiber transmission; system's terminal device is a display, record, control, communications equipment (including multimedia technology equipment), generally independent video center console or monitoring - alarm center console.
  C、Security equipment and power supply system, the main structural features:
  1, security equipment supply circuit characteristics: the majority is the use of a single multi-output power supply system, a few are independent power supply.
  2, security equipment applications complex electromagnetic environment, vulnerable to all kinds of electromagnetic interference, lightning, power supply voltage fluctuations, easily through the power lines, data ports (such as USB ports, RS232, RJ45 Interface) and other incoming high-current equipment damage.
  3, susceptible to heat, humidity affected.
  4, the installation is easy to produce a variety of errors (such as short circuit, power lines reversed, data cable and power lines are wrong), it will produce large current damage to the device.
  D、JDT Fuse PTC overcurrent protection in the security equipment to solve the problem:
  1,JDT Fuse PTC the power input to do with lightning protection lightning protection components , overcurrent protection Applications:
  In such applications , mainly in order to avoid supply voltage fluctuations , lightning current interference generated overcurrent damage related equipment.
  2, JDT Fuse PTC in a single multi- branch power supply system in the application:
  In this application, able to solve a single piece of equipment damage due to make the whole system crash issue. JDT Fuse PTC in this system because one can solve
  Devices ( such as building intercom in a single user ) short-circuit of the entire system can not work the problem , to achieve the ultimate goal is when the short-circuit protection thus appears timely to isolate faulty equipment from the system out without affecting the other devices work properly. Can effectively avoid the installation is easy to produce a variety of errors ( such as short circuit, power lines reversed , data cable and power lines are wrong ) , and damage to equipment.
  3, JDT Fuse PTC in the security device data interface protection applications:
  Security equipment susceptible to a variety of electromagnetic interference , lightning , power supply voltage fluctuations, easily through the power lines, data ports ( such as USB ports , RS232, RJ45 Interface ) and other incoming high current equipment damage. Here JDT Fuse PTC application can effectively protect the data port of the connected system devices.
  4 , to solve over-temperature protection ( for outdoor equipment , fault equipment protection ) .
  E、JDT Fuse PTC overcurrent protection device in the security of application methods:
  Common problems described above, but also the most critical, fatal problems. Is also considered in the design of most problems, problem-solving methods are also varied. But no matter which method you use have a common characteristic, that is the use of multiple components, the circuit is more complex, more space, high cost, not easy to repair.
  Between the above, here JDT Fuse PTC solve such problems using methods and techniques:
  From the above description of the problem can be seen, these problems have a common characteristic, that is, which can damage the power supply circuit. So, to solve this problem the focus is concentrated to a power supply circuit, power supply circuit protection on. We just need to supply the anti-theft devices in series with an online self-resetting overcurrent protective device JDT Fuse PTC, you can simultaneously solve the above problems. At least the components used, there is only one element, and the circuit simple, minimal space, low cost, no maintenance.
  Use of specific methods associated with the loaded position of each of the following circuits where red highlights. Model PTC-circuit current according to the different sizes are different.

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