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2016 Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition
  2016 Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition is popular of "Electronic components, materials and assembly Exhibition" in China, it is also the world's largest electronics manufacturing base, which is a common choice for many domestic brands and high-quality suppliers, including IC / components, power systems, modules, plastic material point systems, industrial robots and other assembly equipment.
  Exhibition comprehensive coverage competitive product of South China: home appliances, mobile phones, consumer electronics, telecommunications, IT, lighting, etc., while in the aftermarket, new energy vehicles, ADAS, vehicle networking and other fields have a significant industry characteristics.On the other hand,there are so many products in the areas of hardware and entrepreneurship, for example: drones, robots, only worn,hardware and so on.
  2016 Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition will hold in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center during August 24 --26, 30,000㎡ site with 500+ exhibitors, 50,000 + professional audience.