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Development of miniature fuse
From the long-term direction of development of miniature fuse , it mainly in order to adapt to market demand. Fuse is by means of fusible metal flowing through the body to make its own Joule heat current fuse to cut off the circuit to protect the circuit.

At the end of 19th century, Fuse was born by lamp, led a variety of electrical equipment inventions,since then, the basic structure of the fuse has not changed. We often see such as glass fuses and automobile sheet-type fuses. As the protective components for electronic equipment, glass tube fuse is long-term use, but because of its weakness,such as the large size, easily broken, can not be achieved automation installation, so that the voice of the industry increasingly high demand for miniature fuse.

Generally traditional fuse is based on protecting the power input portion as the main purpose. Today, the situation has some changes, fuse derive many new applications such as PCB and IC internal protection devices and protection of input and output circuits, etc., which also makes use of micro fuses increase every year. Currently, miniature fuse has many kinds of sizes from leaded to 1005 size specifications in the market.

In actual use case, based solely on the UL standard  to select the fuse is not enough. Miniature fuse on the installation conditions, chemical resistance, resistance to various aspects of the performance of ultrasonic cleaning, etc. What are the special requirements and problems must first be confirmed by the manufacturer.

Miniature fuse is different with chip resistors and chip capacitors and other general electronic components , because the different manufacturer , there are large differences in the specifications, in addition to the actual installation of the printed circuit board and the heat radiating wiring will bring some impact, so the miniature fuse selected that indeed, eventually should state the product to be identified.